The Best Methods for Surviving Natural Disasters...

Here is specific information for surviving the 14 major types of natural disasters plus links to active monitoring systems that can aid us with early detection technology, prediction models, and current status.

Scientist have established these mechanisms over the years and they are made available here to centralize them for swift access when you need them.

The good news is that over many years, construction engineering has vastly improved structure stability to withstand many of the unleashed forces nature. Still some natural disasters, when they occur, it's simply better to "get out of dodge", if at all possible and come back when it's safe!

Satellite Image of Hurricane Katrina in 2006

Each type of disaster occuring in nature has their own unique characteristics and thus require their own set of best practices on how best to:

  • Prepare for each type
  • Actively monitor them
  • Survive each form of crisis
  • Recover with minimum effort and cost

Some types of natural disasters, can be “day-to-day” things. They can start small and escalate or just happen immediately without warning. Other types require daily monitoring, offering some opportunity to begin preparing when you can see the “hand writing on the wall”. And, still other types--you just have to be prepared—-there won’t be a window for preparation. These types of disasters happen in seconds or minutes and can be over almost as quickly leaving behind billions of dollars of damage.


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