The Best Methods for Surviving Man-Made Disasters...

This collection of surviving 11 types of man-made disasters is much more elusive to characterize because there are so many possibilities and variations. Many have characteristics of unpredictability as to timing, impact, scope, and duration. A residential fire is so much different than dealing with a bio-terrorist attack...

But, regardless of the crisis classification and diversity, we do offer some practical ideas on how to:

  • Best prepare for each type
  • Monitor actively
  • Overcome each type successfully
  • Recover with minimum effort and cost

Some types of disasters, whether man-made or natural,can be “day-to-day” things. They can start small and escalate or just happen immediately without warning. Other types require daily monitoring, offering some opportunity to begin preparing when you can see the “hand writing on the wall”. And, for other types, you just have to be prepared-—there won’t be a window for preparation! These types of disasters happen in seconds or minutes.

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