Archive of Global Daily Disasters Accumulated Monthly.

This is the archive index of global disasters and trigger point concerns captured daily, accumulated monthly, and archived.

The purpose of documenting disasters, emergencies, and dangerous concerns at a daily level of granularity is to demonstrate to viewers and users of this site of the importance in being prepared for a variety of potential threats and emergencies.

The documented instances represent the most important events but doesn't capture more than one or two per day. There may have been more disasters and situations on a given day. Both natural and man-made disasters are selected. Reviewing this digest over a period of one month and even a year, one must be amazed at the number, the locations, the magnitudes, and the suddeness that disasters can strike whether they be man-made or natural.

Additionally, we've included possible trigger points of concern to note potential evolving disasters. Some disasters, especially man-made ones can be sudden, like a terrorist event or evolve slowly over months or years. The really terrible events no one saw coming called Black Swan events.

This realization gives one the understanding of the need to be prepared for many kinds of disasters at all times. With slowly growing disasters such as financial ones, this collection of trigger points of concern helps everyone "see the handwriting on the wall" and to begin to prepare for these longer-term disasters which can require longer time horizons of preparation and more capital.

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