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The Symbolic Theme for this Site--The Biblical Noah and His Ark of Survival.

Arguably, the greatest survival accomplishment of all time would have to be attributed to the Biblical Noah and the global flood he endured with his Ark. And, given that he was a rank amateur when it came to building large boats, this makes his story all the more compelling and amazing, especially in light of the technology of his time.

Contrast Noah's achievement with the Titanic cruise ship of 1912. With financing from J.P. Morgan, this monster ship was built by many men and nautical engineers using iron and steel rather than wood and pitch! Sadly, the Titanic never completed its maiden voyage to America before being sunk by a modest iceberg in the dark of night! Humbling indeed!

So amateurs, there is hope for us in preparing for our survival against well known disasters! We can do this!

At Noah's direction and with his family's support, he prepared to survive the greatest, catastrophic flood disaster of all time! And, this family's historical survival efforts really paid off for them, the subsequent generations of mankind, and his diverse collection of animal passengers. The same principle applies to everyone, even today--we all need to be prepared in advance for potential disasters for each of our circumstances.

Granted, some of our visitors may not "buy" this historical account given in Genesis of the Bible, but we've chosen the Genesis Ark as the symbolic theme for this repository of disaster survival information.

With our Ark of Survival site, we have endeavored to provide all visitors with-

  • A high quality, trust-worthy source of emergency and disaster information,
  • Formated in a consistent manner using a common template,
  • Continuous updating,
  • A portal to important informational sites and supporting global vendors,
  • One single point of contact for your disaster planning needs and supplies,
  • All of this, quickly accessible anywhere in the world

It's basically "one stop shopping" for anyone wanting to prepare to survive their own potential set of disasters or emergencies! You don't have to keep track of 50 or more sites and access paths. You don't have to reconcile the information to a consistent format. It's all here for you!

Our Ark of Survival site is all about:

  • Saving lives
  • Minimizing misery
  • Securing a future worth living.

We do live in "interesting times" as the old Chinese curse says. We also live in very troubled times, wouldn't you agree? One of our goals is to exhort each and every one of our visitors to consider our information to become prepared for many different kinds of disasters that you can encounter in your life at any moment or in the future. Do take the time to become informed about disasters, crisis management, and survival mechanisms. Consider and investigate you location be it urban or rural. Each type of location has its own set of problems and considerations. More on that later…

But, honestly, it doesn't cost that much to be prepared to some level of expectancy for just about any budget if planning is started early enough. As my dad used to say about our car's gas tank, "it doesn't cost anymore to keep the top half full than the bottom half." And, you do owe it to yourself and your family to give everyone a fighting chance to survive a crisis do you not?

And, keep in mind as you prepare yourself for the future, that even during the historic "Y2K" days of time past, the global community had its scoffers and skeptics. You will discover that it is just as true today as then. It seems strange to me, that regular folks taking reasonable precautions against future crises are dismissively categorized as Preppers, Survivalists, Hoarders, and Gloom and Doomers. In reality, I suppose, it's all a matter of degree on just how convinced one is or becomes as to what the future might hold. It is stated that Noah had his distracters until the rain began falling and then everybody wanted to rethink the "boat thing"!

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